My Fitness BFGs (Big, Fabulous Goals)

Well, it’s been about 6 weeks now and I thought it was time for me to set some specific goals related to my diet and weight-loss. I certainly don’t want to have too many and I know to make the goals measurable and very realistic. So, here they are, my 2 BFGs:

1. Lose 100 pounds by May 1, 2013. This equates a bit less than 2 pounds per week and I’ve given myself an extra 2 months by using my starting weight, not today’s. My trainer believes that this is actually on the pessimistic side! He’s convinced that I can lose more like 150 if I stick with things. I hope he’s right, but I don’t want to set myself up to be majorly upset if I don’t make that. I feel 100 is a very realistic goal.

2. Walk/jog the Flying Pig 10k in May 2013. I considered doing the 5k this year, but it’s next weekend and I’m busy. Again, my trainer thinks I’ll be capable of doing the half-marathon and again, I hope he’s right. But, I’m not quite able to walk a 20 minute mile yet and that’s the maximum time allotment for the 10k. Plus, I don’t walk anywhere near 6+ miles at a time! So, I’m thinking that the shorter race will be right up my alley.

So there they are. My fitness BFGs are now out for the world to see and hold me to. Feel free to check up on me! And, in case you’re wondering, I have dropped 18 pounds so far. So, 82 more to go!


Scaling Back

So one of my goals this year is to fit all my clothes in 1 closet and my dresser. In all hope, if I keep losing weight as I plan to, this will be easy to accomplish as nothing I currently own will fit by December! (Well–I do have some button-down shirts and cardigans that will probably still be fine, but you get the idea.)

In an effort to get started, I enlisted a friend to help me decide which colors looked best on me. I realized that I owned over 20 sleeveless shirts! (I went through years where I wore these all year long because my classroom was so hot). So that was the first thing to tackle. I still have 13, but it’s much better.

Before: 23 shirts!

After: 13. Ahhhh....much better.

I still plan to ditch one of the turquoise shirts. I just have to decide which. The darker looks better, but I always wear the lighter one. (The darkest blue pictured is actually teal). I should get rid of the green one too as it’s just not a great color for me–but it’s one I like and wear a lot. I figure this is the last summer with any of these shirts anyhow!

Now, to tackle my ridiculous amount of pants (of which I only wear about 1/3)!


Whoops! A diet update

I’ve been busy and kinda forgot to blog! Ah well.

So, you may be wondering how the new diet is going. It’s been a challenging 4 weeks so far. I’ve had great days, when I’ve stuck to the plan like super-glue, and days when I’ve wanted to go back in time and change my choices. But, overall, I’m doing pretty well. Though Sunday mornings are my official weigh-ins, as of this morning, I’m down 12 pounds. I’ll take it!

I’ve been doing a lot of walking and I’m working on waking up early to exercise first thing. That’s not going so well though as I am NOT a morning person! People have asked if I have more energy and, I think I do. If nothing else, one of the supplements I take does give me a bit of get-up-and-go in the mornings.

Overall, I’m happy enough that I decided to reward myself today! I wanted tulips, but they only came in single color bunches (I wanted at least 2 colors)and these were half the price. I had totally forgotten about this vase until about 1 month ago when I found it hidden in my nightstand–de-cluttering really does reveal surprises! Happy Easter to all. He is risen!

Learning to choke down protein powder

So back in June, I wrote this post about going wheat-free. I dropped 15 pounds in 8 weeks and was super-excited. So, I joined a gym and starting working out. And lost nothing. Not a single pound. After messing around a bit with my diet, and trying to count calories and dietary exchanges, I’m embarking on a new adventure.

I’m now (essentially) carb-free and dairy-free, with only 1 serving of fruit a day. My CNP (certified nurse practioner) raved about her personal trainer when I saw her the other day. She strongly urged me to give him a call and so I did. He’s willing to just do nutritional counseling with me and so is leading me on this diet. He told me exactly what to eat. My only daily choices are what kinds of meat and which green veggies to eat. It’s drastic, for sure. But that’s what’s called for at this point.

And, about the title, I’m supposed to eat 2 protein shakes a day (except on my 1 cheat meal day). So I tried my first one at church today. Half of it wound up down the drain. So yeah…that’s gonna take some work. (I did just get an email saying I can do cottage cheese in place of the shake if absolutely needed..yeah!)

This is not a forever diet, thank goodness. It’s a for-now, I need to lose weight diet. I’ll let y’all know how I do!

So, I splurged a bit

I was at a store today buying a few items to help me with a new eating lifestyle I start tomorrow (more info on that one later). I was in the checkout line, but I glanced behind me and, voila!, I saw these lovely indoor/outdoor pillows! I just set up some spring-y decor on my seasonally decorated shelf and these pillows will go great with it and my summer stuff. And it totally brightens up my couch.


These pillows came with the couch and they've been fine, but it was time for a change!


Yeah! Spring-y!

February Update: My Goals for 2012

Sickness and general ill-feelings left me not doing so well on my goals. this month. Thank goodness March is here and I can try again!

Focus: Spiritual

1. Spend 10 minutes a day reading the Bible and in prayer. I realize this is very minimal, but for me it’s a vast improvement. I’m doing better with this the last few days.

Focus: Personal

1. Commit to being gluten-free, allowing for one exemption per week (this could be as small as a cracker or bigger like a hamburger bun). I’m currently re-evaluating my eating habits and seeing if I should be staying gluten-free or not.

2. Workout 4 times per week. I’ve been doing pretty well, but in December it just didn’t happen. Due to illness, I didn’t work out all month!

3. Get to bed by 10:30 and wake up at 6:30. Every day. With very minimal exception. I’m doing well with the wake-up part, it’s that 10:30 bedtime I am struggling with still.

4. Read 3 books per month. 5

Focus: Financial

1. Save $300/month. I no longer have health insurance so I need to be careful to save for emergencies. Set up automatic transfers equalling $300 a month. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it up.

2. Pay for my trip to Arizona with money I’ve specifically saved for that purpose (trip is in early summer).  Done! Ticket is bought and money for the baggage fee set aside.

Focus: Creative

1. Complete one creative project per month. This may be something work-related (such as home-made learning tools/toys) or something that’s gift-able.  I did not complete my project this month.  

2. Spend 1 hour per month playing piano just for fun. Didn’t happen this month

Focus: Home

1. Set up and stick to a regular cleaning schedule.  Not yet. First, I’m de-cluttering. I’ve made progress in de-cluttering this month.

2. Evaluate all the clothing I own and purge my closets. The specific goal is to have all my clothes fit in my dresser and bedroom closet (currently I use a hall closet too).  Began working on this in Feb!

Focus: Work

I have a few goals in this area, but none that are worthy of making this post. Overall, my goal is to spend time with each child individually throughout the week. I tend to focus a lot on the toddler and hardly at all on the school-ager.

Focus: Relationships

1. Spend time with Diasia (Little Sister) once a month. I did not spend one-on-one time with D this month–we had scheduling conflicts.

2. Send out 2 hand-written notes per month.  Sent out 1.

3. Spend time with at least 3 people I have not previously spent time with (I’m thinking this will be people from my church). This could include going to lunch, grabbing coffee, or visiting the zoo or a park.  Jan: Had dinner with a new friend. Feb: nothing.

4. Write to my 2 Compassion children once every two months. I’m not very good about keeping in contact with them at all. Wrote to each in the last 2 months.

Focus: Blogging

1. Write on this blog at least once a week. Done!

2. Update my 2012 goals once per month. Done!

3. Update my Reading through 2012 page once a month. On this week’s agenda.

4. Submit 2 articles for CincyNanny blog per month. Did not do at all.

That is what I’m striving for this year. I try to make my goals realistic and achievable. So here goes nothing!

This Week’s Goals

goal setting Pictures, Images and Photos

Update on last week’s goals:

1. Workout 3 times. I’ve been really struggling with this all month.  Not even once. I have no real excuse. I just didn’t.

2. Read Bible every

3. Mail Grandpa’s b-day card on time. I struggled with family b-day cards last year and am trying to be on time this year!

4. Write to Compassion child.

5. Clear out 2nd hall closet.

6. Take box of stuff to church and locate places to store items (for kid’s club)

7. Make soup

8. Write a surprise note to someone from my church

9. Work on February’s creative project

10. Have fun! I have a busy weekend coming up, packed with fun get-togethers. A progressive dinner for the 20’s/30’s hosted by the Empty-nesters from my church on Friday. OCC dinner on Saturday. CSO concert immediately after Saturday’s dinner with a great couple from church!

This week’s goals:

1. I NEED to workout! Someone…please! Kick me!

2. Devotions every day (I’m working through a Lenten book)

3. Handwritten note to a friend

4. Finish “So Much More”

5. Work on cleaning out 2 closets

6. Wrap a wedding gift (the wedding isn’t for months!)

7. Visit the library with the boys

8. Take box of stuff to church

9. Play piano for 30 minutes (for fun)

10. Work on craft swap items (I’m participating in a craft swap hosted by Jessica @ Clip with Purpose)

How about you? Any goals for the week?