About me

First and foremost, I am a Christian.  I absolutely love my church family and am extremely grateful to my parents for raising me in a Christian home and Christian school system.

Professionally, I hold a B.A. in Educational Studies and have formerly worked as a toddler teacher in childcare centers. I am now employed as a nanny for 3 young boys (currently 7, 5, and 23 months) and I love it! The oldest is in school, so it’s just 2 during the day. I have a bit of a commute, but it’s worth it for a job I completely enjoy. On Wednesdays, I care for a sweet infant girl (I have off from the boys that day).

Personally, I grew up in NY (not the city) and still will call  myself a New Yorker if the situation calls for it, even though I’ve been in OH for 9 years now. I went to school in PA, so I’ve been around a bit. I babysit, sponsor 2 children through Compassion, am a year-round volunteer with Operation Christmas Child as Prayer Coordinator for my area team and by being project leader at my church, and I co-direct kid’s club. And this year, I took on the role of VBS Director.  So, yep, I’m pretty busy.


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