Wow! 6 months!

So….haven’t even visited this blog in the past 6 months! I think that may be a new record for me. Anywho, life’s busy and work’s good. Baby L (girl) arrived at the beginning of September and my work life has certainly changed. E’s handling it pretty well, but I do hear “Karen, play with me!” several times a day. And I do play with him, but it’s interrupted a lot more than before.

A few weeks back, I finished packing my Operation Christmas Child boxes with the help of some friends. Altogether, I provided for 66 boxes! Plus, 26 more were packed using mainly my “left-overs.” I’ve decided that for 2013, I’ll stick to packing a dozen boxes (probably for ages 2-4). I really can’t keep having a giant mound of stuff in my apartment.

I’m currently in the process of majorly reducing stuff—again. But this time, I’m going all out and trying to pretend I’m moving and can’t take more than a vanload (ignoring furniture, of course). It’s a process, but going okay.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. I’m quite un-inspired to blog at the moment.


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