Bath and Body Works Deals!

I don’t usually write about deals that are not related to groceries, toiletries, or Operation Christmas Child, but I’m so excited about my deal-getting at Bath and Body Works I just had to share!

So, they’re having their “Big Semi-Annual Sale.” I had a coupon for $10 off $30 and so I went last week and got some really good deals. Lotions in retired scents were marked down to only $3! Anyhow, from that receipt, I got another $10 off $30. I wasn’t planning on using it, but then I got an email from the mall (I joined their free “club”) offering a $10 mall gift card for June birthdays!

Side Note: This week, the older 2 boys are in a 5-hour day camp program, so it’s just me and the 2 yr old. I decided to hit the mall, knowing it would be a quick trip and I promised a ride on the carousel. I went sans-stroller, since everything was in close range (the mall office to get the giftcard, BandBWorks, and the carousel). He did soooo good! When he noticed me opening bottles and sniffing, he asked to smell too. He didn’t touch anything, and stayed right by me. It helped that I only took about 10 minutes, since I pretty much knew what I wanted. Anyhow…he did great!

Ok…back to the deal: I purchased 11 items, originally priced at $84.50. With the sale prices, the cost was $30.87. With my coupon and giftcard, I paid $10.87 (plus tax made it $12. 12)!! So…less than $1 per item! One was a trial-sized, but the others were all full-sized products. Super happy and I’m now loaded with “little” gifts for all those in my life having babies this year.  :   )

(If I’d chosen to stick with the sprays and lotions instead of getting 5 soaps, the price difference would’ve been even greater (I would’ve saved another $30 off the original prices). But…I got several lotions on my first stop and really could use more soap. Sometimes, you gotta just buy what you actually can use!)

Picture, just for fun:


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