Are these boys cute or what?

Every now and then, I gotta brag on the adorable-ness of the boys I care for! So, here are a few pictures, with brief updates. And, if you think I’m busy now, #4 is due in September! (They like surprises, so no idea as to gender)

E just turned 2. He’s talking in full sentences and is caring and loving. He’s still pretty well-behaved, but is not as easy-going as before. He knows what he wants and is quite loud/dramatic when he doesn’t get it. Welcome to full-blown toddler-hood! His world is about to be turned upside-down as he becomes a big brother in September.

T, 5 yrs old, continues to be all boy! He is in a stage of helpfulness, but also knows how to easily annoy both of his brothers and does so whenever bored. So, I work hard to keep him busy. He’s excited about going to kindergarten this fall.

B is 7 and, well, I can’t get him to give me a decent smile! Ah well. He’s also starting to sport a seriously sarcastic and argumentative attitude. Ah! The joys of a school-ager!


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