This Week’s Goals

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Starting new!

This Week’s Goals:

1. Stick to my diet. One exception only! Wednesday. Why? Because that’s my birthday.

2. Get 1 cardio workout in. I sprained my foot/ankle a few weeks ago and am just now back to walking without a boot. I’ve kept up my weekly session with the trainer, but haven’t done any cardio. I still have to take it easy, but I also need to build back up.

3. Enjoy a day of “camping” with my church family. It’s the annual camping trip this weekend, but I’m not goint to be staying overnight. I’m not quite sure I’d be able to get off the ground in the morning! But, I plan to go on Saturday and visit.

4. Write to both Compassion children.

5. Finally finish up and deliver a wedding gift.

6. Create a packing list for my upcoming vacation.

7. Finish reading Miracles and Moments of Grace and keep plugging away at Jane Eyre.

8. Finish reading The Boxcar Children with the 2 older boys and begin Charlotte’s Web

9. Play piano for fun on Sunday after church.

10. Change out my spring decorations for the summer ones (I have a grand total of 1 shelf for seasonal decor).

Alrighty folks….I’m getting going on these right now!


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