My Planned Creative Projects for 2012: Update

So…since I rarely stick with my plans, here’s an update on what creative things I’ve actually done:

At the time I made this list, I didn’t know I’d be in charge of VBS this summer. That’s a whole big creative project on its’ own!

January: A color-matching activity for the boys  Did it!

February: Finish up a small snowman crosstitch I recently found buried in my desk drawer. I’ve made progress, but need to finish it up.  Progress was made, but finishing did not occur.

March: Make a buttoning activity for the toddler (sew buttons onto a piece of felt, then cut holes into smaller pieces of felt so he can button them on) Nope–didn’t even work on it. Instead, I made a popsicle building craft for an OCC craft swap! It was a lot more work than I had planned on.

April: Make Mother’s Day cards   Turns out, I had already bought some! I made playdough with the boys, does that count? And I put my creative juices towards planning for King’s Club (Wed. nights) and VBS.

May: Make these adorable bobby pins for some of my OCC shoeboxes   Did not make these, instead I worked on a summer schedule for work, including a lunch menu. I also bought a kids’ loom and those loops to make potholders. I made 6 in one weekend! Weird? Perhaps…but it keeps my hands busy while watching tv. Just not sure what I’ll do with them–probably put them in OCC boxes.

June: Pull out the sewing machine, figure out how to set it up (ha!), and make a rice-filled heating “pad.”  I made one with a sock last month! No sewing involved. Just yesterday, I made melted crayon hearts, sponge balls, and a no-sew bandanna bag! June is off with a bang!

July: Make some scrunchies to go in shoeboxes. This is something I did as a teen and I can show pics after I do it. I never used a pattern, just created it myself. (This link has instructions for making scrunchies and is bascially what I do except that I sew the elastic ends together.)  I’ll already say this probably won’t happen–I’ll be too busy with VBS

August: Make tic-tac-toe games out of Altoids boxes for my shoeboxes. (Or maybe I’ll do this one instead)

September:  Make a t-shirt bracelet (again, for shoeboxes!)

October: Make a light table/box for use at work. This link provides linkage to a blog which then links to numerous methods for making a light table/box. I don’t know which method I’ll do yet.

November: Finish packing OCC shoeboxes. Trust me, it take creativity to fit everything in!

December: Put up my Christmas tree. I haven’t done this in 4 years (since my first Christmas in Cincy).

There you have it! My planned projects for the year. Of course, they’ll probably be several others as well and everything could change. But, at least I’m trying to plan ahead. What are you hoping to create this year?


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