My Fitness BFGs (Big, Fabulous Goals)

Well, it’s been about 6 weeks now and I thought it was time for me to set some specific goals related to my diet and weight-loss. I certainly don’t want to have too many and I know to make the goals measurable and very realistic. So, here they are, my 2 BFGs:

1. Lose 100 pounds by May 1, 2013. This equates a bit less than 2 pounds per week and I’ve given myself an extra 2 months by using my starting weight, not today’s. My trainer believes that this is actually on the pessimistic side! He’s convinced that I can lose more like 150 if I stick with things. I hope he’s right, but I don’t want to set myself up to be majorly upset if I don’t make that. I feel 100 is a very realistic goal.

2. Walk/jog the Flying Pig 10k in May 2013. I considered doing the 5k this year, but it’s next weekend and I’m busy. Again, my trainer thinks I’ll be capable of doing the half-marathon and again, I hope he’s right. But, I’m not quite able to walk a 20 minute mile yet and that’s the maximum time allotment for the 10k. Plus, I don’t walk anywhere near 6+ miles at a time! So, I’m thinking that the shorter race will be right up my alley.

So there they are. My fitness BFGs are now out for the world to see and hold me to. Feel free to check up on me! And, in case you’re wondering, I have dropped 18 pounds so far. So, 82 more to go!


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