Scaling Back

So one of my goals this year is to fit all my clothes in 1 closet and my dresser. In all hope, if I keep losing weight as I plan to, this will be easy to accomplish as nothing I currently own will fit by December! (Well–I do have some button-down shirts and cardigans that will probably still be fine, but you get the idea.)

In an effort to get started, I enlisted a friend to help me decide which colors looked best on me. I realized that I owned over 20 sleeveless shirts! (I went through years where I wore these all year long because my classroom was so hot). So that was the first thing to tackle. I still have 13, but it’s much better.

Before: 23 shirts!

After: 13. Ahhhh....much better.

I still plan to ditch one of the turquoise shirts. I just have to decide which. The darker looks better, but I always wear the lighter one. (The darkest blue pictured is actually teal). I should get rid of the green one too as it’s just not a great color for me–but it’s one I like and wear a lot. I figure this is the last summer with any of these shirts anyhow!

Now, to tackle my ridiculous amount of pants (of which I only wear about 1/3)!


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