Whoops! A diet update

I’ve been busy and kinda forgot to blog! Ah well.

So, you may be wondering how the new diet is going. It’s been a challenging 4 weeks so far. I’ve had great days, when I’ve stuck to the plan like super-glue, and days when I’ve wanted to go back in time and change my choices. But, overall, I’m doing pretty well. Though Sunday mornings are my official weigh-ins, as of this morning, I’m down 12 pounds. I’ll take it!

I’ve been doing a lot of walking and I’m working on waking up early to exercise first thing. That’s not going so well though as I am NOT a morning person! People have asked if I have more energy and, I think I do. If nothing else, one of the supplements I take does give me a bit of get-up-and-go in the mornings.

Overall, I’m happy enough that I decided to reward myself today! I wanted tulips, but they only came in single color bunches (I wanted at least 2 colors)and these were half the price. I had totally forgotten about this vase until about 1 month ago when I found it hidden in my nightstand–de-cluttering really does reveal surprises! Happy Easter to all. He is risen!

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