Learning to choke down protein powder

So back in June, I wrote this post about going wheat-free. I dropped 15 pounds in 8 weeks and was super-excited. So, I joined a gym and starting working out. And lost nothing. Not a single pound. After messing around a bit with my diet, and trying to count calories and dietary exchanges, I’m embarking on a new adventure.

I’m now (essentially) carb-free and dairy-free, with only 1 serving of fruit a day. My CNP (certified nurse practioner) raved about her personal trainer when I saw her the other day. She strongly urged me to give him a call and so I did. He’s willing to just do nutritional counseling with me and so is leading me on this diet. He told me exactly what to eat. My only daily choices are what kinds of meat and which green veggies to eat. It’s drastic, for sure. But that’s what’s called for at this point.

And, about the title, I’m supposed to eat 2 protein shakes a day (except on my 1 cheat meal day). So I tried my first one at church today. Half of it wound up down the drain. So yeah…that’s gonna take some work. (I did just get an email saying I can do cottage cheese in place of the shake if absolutely needed..yeah!)

This is not a forever diet, thank goodness. It’s a for-now, I need to lose weight diet. I’ll let y’all know how I do!

2 thoughts on “Learning to choke down protein powder

  1. hey Karen! Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of protein shakes. Do you blend them, or just stir? You can buy those super special cups for shakes, it’s got a wire ball inside that mixes it up really well. Good luck!

    • Yeah. I bought the bottle ball one. The one I tried today though just turned foamy. So, I think I’ll just stir. They mix really well ’cause I can only make them with water. Yuck!

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