A work update

Wow! I just looked back and realized that last time I posted pictures of the boys was in April. Well, and in my year-end post (but they all had weird faces!). They’ve all certainly changed since then, especially the youngest.

Here goes:

E is almost 21 months and continues to be a lot of fun. Super-polite he’s always responding, “Ohh..thank you so much.” He loves to ham it up and i9s very concerned when anyone gets hurt. He’s talking constantly, including to himself in the backseat of the car! His favorite thing to talk about? “Choo-choo twains and bo-bage tucks (garbage trucks).” He can count to 20 and visually recognizes numbers 1-10. He recognizes several letters and he knows the basic shapes and easily picks out things that are green, red, and blue. We’re working on those other colors :  )  His version of dancing is to spin around in circles almost until he falls down dizzy. And he is always asking to sing “Elmo’s song” or Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”  He has his bad times, but he is truly a joy to be with!

T (5 in March) now goes to school two mornings a week and he really loves it! We do some “schoolwork” at home (per parents’ request) and he’s already doing 1st grade level language arts and math! His reading has recently improved by leaps and bounds and he’s getting very quick with math facts. The thing I hear him say most often is, “Miss Karen..will you play with me?” It gives me such joy to know that he likes my company! I’ve introduced a reward system which has helped T improve his timing and things get done a lot faster now (no more 15 minutes just to put on shoes!). He enjoys anything Pokemon or Sonic the Hedgehog and is a stuffed animal/character fanatic. His closet is full of them! T is all-boy and loves to rough it up. I’ve had several bruises as a result of play wrestling with him. He’s super-helpful and absolutely worships his little brother (and adores big bro too).

B is more than half-way through 2nd grade and will be 7 in March. I feel like I get absolutely no time to spend with him which makes me sad. He is smart, funny, and genuinely sweet. He loves to read and gets fully engrossed in it (just like I do!). He also enjoys acting and has been in numerous children’s theater productions. He plays basketball on his school’s 2nd grade team, but it’s obvious that his heart is more in the arts. I just recently started teaching him piano and he has taken to it like a fish to water. He loves it and has quite the aptitude for it (pretty soon he’ll be past my ability level). Our one-on-one time is practically non-existent, but when I get to, B is great to just sit and talk with.

So there you have it, a not-so-brief description of each of the boys I feel privileged to care for. To add to the fun–a 4th is due in September! Seriously, I’m excited to have another baby to care for. Though E will have a very hard time giving up his baby status, for sure!

(On Wednesdays, I care for an almost 9-month old girl. I have no pictures though and there’s not much to really write about. She has a genetic disorder that affects her physical development so it’s pretty much like caring for a 4 month old. She’s been interesting to care for, to say the least!)

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