Do you have a cat or dog? Hurry for this deal!

Moneysavingmom alerted to a deal going on at PetSmart right now. The sale lasts through Monday only. You can get the small bags of Science Diet cat and/or dog food for free! Plus, dog treats for free!

I don’t have either, but decided to run over quick (thankfully I have a Petsmart very close by) and then donate to the local shelter. I don’t have a picture because I went right from the store to the shelter. Oh well. Here’s what I got

2 bags kitten food–$25.98 orig.   Sale–$16

2 bags puppy food–$21.98 orig.  Sale–$12

2 bags adult dog food–$21.98 orig.  Sale–$14

2 bags dog treats–$9.98 orig.  Sale–$6

6 cans wet cat food–$5.94 orig.  Sale–$4.50


    (2) $8 off dry cat food

    (2) $8 off dry dog food

    (2) $3 off dog treats

    (1) Buy 4, get 2 cans free wet cat food

Total original price: $85.86

Total sale price: $52.50

Total after coupons price: $9.91

I saved (with Petperks card (sale price) and coupons): $75.95!

Important to note: My store applied the overage from the 2 $8 dog food coupons. Some stores may not do that.

I could’ve skipped out on the 2 bags of puppy food and the canned cat food and gotten the rest for free. But, I decided that I was willing to use some actual money if it was under $10.

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