This Week’s Goals

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Well, I totally missed making and posting goals last week. I got a pretty nasty cold and was focused on recovery. But..I’m feeling better so here we go!

Update on Goals from 2 weeks ago:

1. Workout 4 times

2. Meet with a friend from church for dinner on Monday

3. Write to Compassion Child (Ivernal)

4. Read Bible every day (I don’t care for how long–just something)

5. Work on cleaning out small hallway in apt.

6. Change and launder towels

7. Prepare V-day cards to be sent out

8. Finish biography on the Booths (founders of Salvation Army)

9. Confer with grandparents regarding planned driving trip home from Arizona

10. Finalize VBS program choice  I’m waiting for a second opinion.

This Week’s Goals:

1. Workout 4 times (I missed my workouts all last week due to trying not to spread germs. Plus, my breathing was a bit difficult)

2. Write to Compassion child

3. Eye doctor appointment (Ohhh, how I hate this! though I do like the doc)

4. Take a field trip to the library with the boys

5. Get to bed by 10:30 (yep–I’m still working on this)

6. Finish reading current book and read another (I haven’t picked a new one yet)

7. Clear out my “hallway”

8. Make chicken and veggie soup, using my Crock-pot for the first time!

9. Go through boxes in closets and clear out the clutter

10. Mail mom’s birthday card on time

How about you? Any goals for the week?

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