This Week’s Goals

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For reference, I’ve decided to run my week Monday-Monday.

Update on Last Week’s Goals:

1. Bible reading every day  Nope

2. Workout 4 times  Not even close–I made it once

3. Bed by 10:30 (I’m determined to make this happen!)  Nope

4. 5 fruits and veggies daily (once again)  Nope

5. Write to Ivernal (Compassion child I sponsor)  Nope

6. Pick 3 places I’d like to visit while driving home from Arizona this summer

7. Read biography on Charles Finney

8. Narrow down VBS options to 2 programs (I guess I’m in charge this year)

I usually have 10, but this is all I can think of that I know I can reasonably accomplish this week. So I’m stopping at 8.

This Week’s Goals

1. Workout 4 times

2. Meet with a friend from church for dinner on Monday

3. Write to Compassion Child (Ivernal)

4. Read Bible every day (I don’t care for how long–just something)

5. Work on cleaning out small hallway in apt.

6. Change and launder towels

7. Prepare V-day cards to be sent out

8. Finish biography on the Booths (founders of Salvation Army)

9. Confer with grandparents regarding planned driving trip home from Arizona

10. Finalize VBS program choice

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