January Update: My Goals for 2012

I feel like I did great on some things this past month, okay on others, and some I just didn’t even hit close to home on. That’s okay–this is why these are year-long goals, not monthly!

Focus: Spiritual

1. Spend 10 minutes a day reading the Bible and in prayer. I realize this is very minimal, but for me it’s a vast improvement. This went great for a week, I need to make it a priority again.

Focus: Personal

1. Commit to being gluten-free, allowing for one exemption per week (this could be as small as a cracker or bigger like a hamburger bun). I’m currently re-evaluating my eating habits and seeing if I should be staying gluten-free or not.

2. Workout 4 times per week. I’ve been doing pretty well, but in December it just didn’t happen. Did it!

3. Get to bed by 10:30 and wake up at 6:30. Every day. With very minimal exception. I’m doing well with the wake-up part, it’s that 10:30 bedtime I am struggling with still.

4. Read 3 books per month. 5 books this month (6 probably as I’m almost done)!

Focus: Financial

1. Save $300/month. I no longer have health insurance so I need to be careful to save for emergencies. Set up automatic transfers equalling $300 a month. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it up.

2. Pay for my trip to Arizona with money I’ve specifically saved for that purpose (trip is in early summer).  Done! Haven’t bought the ticket yet because it’s still to high. But I have the amt. I’m willing to pay set aside.

Focus: Creative

1. Complete one creative project per month. This may be something work-related (such as home-made learning tools/toys) or something that’s gift-able.  I completed 2 small projects this month.

2. Spend 1 hour per month playing piano just for fun. I got in about 45 minutes.

Focus: Home

1. Set up and stick to a regular cleaning schedule.  Not yet. First, I’m de-cluttering.

2. Evaluate all the clothing I own and purge my closets. The specific goal is to have all my clothes fit in my dresser and bedroom closet (currently I use a hall closet too).  Haven’t started this yet.

Focus: Work

I have a few goals in this area, but none that are worthy of making this post. Overall, my goal is to spend time with each child individually throughout the week. I tend to focus a lot on the toddler and hardly at all on the school-ager.

Focus: Relationships

1. Spend time with Diasia (Little Sister) once a month. Took her to a movie.

2. Send out 2 hand-written notes per month.  Sent out several thank-you notes.

3. Spend time with at least 3 people I have not previously spent time with (I’m thinking this will be people from my church). This could include going to lunch, grabbing coffee, or visiting the zoo or a park.  I’m having dinner with person #1 tomorrow!

4. Write to my 2 Compassion children once every two months. I’m not very good about keeping in contact with them at all. Wrote to one child, planning to write the other this week.

Focus: Blogging

1. Write on this blog at least once a week. Done!

2. Update my 2012 goals once per month. Done!

3. Update my Reading through 2012 page once a month. On this week’s agenda.

4. Submit 2 articles for CincyNanny blog per month. Did not do at all.

That is what I’m striving for this year. I try to make my goals realistic and achievable. So here goes nothing!

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