Look what I did today! (well, for about 45 minutes)

I put this new chair together all by myself! Since I moved here (4.5 years ago), I”ve been sitting on a hard chair at my desk. I decided it was about time to change that. So I waited for a sale and used some of my Staples Rewards and bought this today:

Black doesn't really go with my browns (couch, ottoman), but oh well. And the computer, printer, and tv are all black of course so I guess it goes after all!

 High quality? Not particularly. But it’s much softer and I’m already loving the ability to get in and out by spinning! Plus my hard chair is falling apart and I was getting quite concerned that one day I’d sit and it would just break under me.

In addition, I put up my new tv today (Christmas gift). I’m feeling very, “I am woman, see me do handy-work” -ish!

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