January’s Creative Project

My project for this month was to make a color matching activity for the boys. It was completely easy to make and I finished them while watching Murder, She Wrote via Netflix. So far, only the 4 yr old has done his. We’ll have to see how the toddler does. If he seems to like this, I’ll be making more for sure!

 To make the longer cards sturdier, I glued them onto strips cut from an empty cereal box (oooh—I just turned this into a green project by using recycled materials–bonus!). The clothespins were under $2 at Walmart and the glue I had on hand. The paint cards were, of course, free. Anyhow, here’s the photographic proof that I made something I found on Pinterest:

These are for the toddler. I couldn't find paint cards with 3 shades (only 2 or 7!), so I grabbed a bunch of single ones and then glued them onto strips of an empty cereal box.


If these go over okay, I'll make 2 more and stick them in the "I'm Bored!" box I am putting together.


Here's T (4) checking it out. He declared the activity, "ok, but not the bestest fun." Fine with me, I view it as more of a learning activity than a "just for fun" activity.

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