My Top 11 of 2011

For my first post in 3 months (!), I”m sharing my “Christmas newsletter.” It’s a list of the top 11 things from my life in 2011:

11. After living in my apartment for 4 years, I finally put a few shelves up on my walls.

10. My family was all together for Thanksgiving, minus my brother.

9. I had no cavities needing filling for the first time in 6 years! (Diet Coke habit in college was a very bad idea).

8. I handed over the position of Nursery Coordinator (ok, I guess this officially happened today, but she made up Jan.’s schedule). In October, a friend randomly offered to take it on. At first, I declined because, let’s face it, I like to be in charge. But as I thought on it more, and prayed, I decided it was time to move something off my plate. Good luck to you, Mandy!

7. My building was sold to a much larger management company, which made me quite sad. However, my former landlord immediately regretted this and within 3 months was the owner again! My rent went up due to everything, but that’s okay.

6. I participated in my community theater’s Christmas showchoir for the 4th year. I love visiting all the nursing homes (mainly that’s where we go) and knowing that I help to spread some cheer. We only had a few adults this year and I had to learn some solos I’ve never done before. But my voice held out to the end and for that I’m grateful!

5. In July, I stopped being an official Big Sister. Many things went into this decision, but we’ll just leave it at it was the right one for me. However, I still get together with Diasia (now 10) about once a month in addition to her attendance at King’s Club.

4. I passed the 1 year mark for my job in July…and then promptly had my first sick day! I’m still working as a nanny and am completely in love with my job and the 3 precious boys I care for. What’s that? You want to see some recent pictures? Well, okay then:

Run (or roll) away-from-the-camera T, 4.5

Poses-with-a-fake-smile B, age 6.5

I-now-say-"cheese"-for-the-camera E, 18 months

3. My family was ALL together for Christmas! This was the first time in at least 3 years.

2. In August, I added on a Wednesday job (my main job is M, T, TH, F) for a sweet infant girl who has a few developmental issues. It’s been interesting to learn how to do specific things for her physical therapy and learning to rejoice in an ounce of weight gained here or the head held up a second longer there. She’s super-tiny, but adorable and pretty easy-going.

1. I had my first real vacation (not counting trips to Mom’s) in 3 years at the end of May-beginning of June. Mom and I went to Quebec City (in Canada, in case you’re not aware) for 4 days and had a great time. I’m sure Mom got sick of me constantly saying, “This is sooo much like England” though! Truly, if you can’t get to Europe but want to get the feel for it, go to Quebec. From there, we traveled to New Hampshire for my eldest cousin’s highschool graduation. It was, well, long and boring. But it was nice to see family. Then, we headed to Cleveland where I hung out for a couple of days before heading to my church’s annual camping trip. It was a great 2 weeks and I was quite ready to return to the boys when all was finished.

Well, that’s my top 11. Wishing you a great start to 2012!

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