2012 Book Adventures

I’ll be updating this page once a month with the books that I’ve read and any reviews I deem worth my time writing. The main purpose of this page is for me to keep a record of what I’ve read and to hold myself accountable to reading a variety of books. Left to myself, I read fiction only. I’m hoping to read 3 spiritual-related books, 3 books about historical events, and at least 8 biographies/autobiographies this year. I don’t have a planned out list yet, but I may work on that soon. So, here goes!

I’m also keeping a linked list over on Pinterest, for those interested.

Books read in January

The Revelation by Beverly Lewis

Brother Andrew: God’s Undercover Agent  by Alan Millwright

Charles Finney: The Great Revivalist  by Bonnie C. Harvey

MoneySavingMom’s Budget  by Crystal Paine

William and Catherine Booth: Founders of the Salvation Army by Helen Hosier

Rebecca’s Promise by Jerry Eicher
I’ve decided to just keep a list of my books read on Pinterest. It’s a bit easier.  Click here to reach my book list page.


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