A month slipped right by me!

I truly can’t believe a whole month has gone by since I last posted! I’ve been very caught-up in work, home stuff, and reading and suddenly realized I haven’t written for a while. Oh well. I blog mainly for myself so it doesn’t matter much if I have some time off, right?

So, a quick update on what I’ve been doing. The 4 yr old I care for started PreK 2 mornings a week and the little one and I (he’s now 16 mos) have been adjusting to this time alone. We’ve gone to baby storytime at the library and he seems to enjoy that. I have definitely noticed the smaller amount of time I have with T though and can only imagine how I’ll feel when he starts K next year. How do you moms do it? He’s not even mine and I don’t want to lose him to all-day school!

I joined a gym this month. After losing 15 pounds without really trying (due to going wheat-free), I decided it was time to step up my game. I bought some personal training sessions as well and that’s been, frankly, painful! But he definitely knows what he’s doing and is encouraging me in my efforts. The nice thing with this particular gym, is it’s the one my employers have membership to as well. So, they actually paid part of my cost and they have paid for me to be added on to theirs as a caregiver in the past (they paid what they’d pay anyway), saving me about $12/month. Also, if I have a true time-crunch, I can put the boys in the childcare so I can work out. The only down-side really is that it’s in KY, so if I have time off (like this Th/F), it’s really too far to come for an hour.

Kid’s club started this month at church, so I’ve been spending time organizing all that. Wednesdays are certainly longer with my working all day then going right to church. But the baby is fairly calm and she’s a great napper. I am getting lots of reading in on Wednesdays. I’ll be updating my “Reading through 2011” page soon with what I’ve been doing recently.

That’s about it for me right now. I’ve got a massive list planned out for myself for Th-Sun of everything I want to accomplish. I actually started with this list on Saturday and so far, I’ve only neglected 1 thing that I was supposed to do on Sunday (I’ve divided the list by day). I will post about my Cleaning Long Weekend sometime next week. Until later, take care!

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