A visit to Baltimore: Day One

For 2 years in college, I had the wonderful privilege to room with the lovely Joani E. Since college, I”ve seen her 3 times: once for the wedding of our 3rd roomie from sophmore year, once when she came to visit me, and once when she joined me and my aunts in Hawaii. Last time I saw her was in January 2009. It was about time for me to get out to her neck of the woods, eh?

    Joani lives outside of Baltimore, an area I had never been to. I was super-excited to finally go visit her! We had a mere 2 days together, but she planned out some fun (and educational) outings. First up, we visited the Maryland Zoo, which just happens to be the 3rd oldest zoo in the country. Anyone know who’s number 2? Anyone? Anyone local to my locale, perhaps? (Yep–it’s Cincinnati). Now I just have to visit Philly’s zoo and I’ll have been at the 3 oldest. And, it was half-admission thanks to my Cincy membership. Score!

See? Everyone wants whats on the other side of the fence! (If that rail could be called a fence)

  Next up? A visit to Fort McHenry, where Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Okay, he actually wrote it off-shore while watching the battle, but that’s just details. Joani knows I like history and so she planned on making good use of all the history Maryland as to offer. (Hmm..how many stars are on that flag?)

As a teen, my parents dragged my brother and I all over this country, visiting both natural and historical sites. I remember being interested, but not interested in spending as much time at places as they wanted to. However, I’m now choosing to go to these places on my own and loving it.  See, Mom, you (and Dad) obviously did something right!



  Oooh, look…canons!




After a lovely day, Joani took me out to a nice restaurant where I had the most delicious shrimp scampi (no pasta, it was just the shrimp) I have ever had. Sooo good. Then, we finished off with gelatis at Rita’s. Yum!


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