Camp Li-Lo-Li

Last week, I was at Camp Li-Lo-Li. After years of going for several weeks during the summer, this was only my second time in 5 years being there. It was a last-minute surprise as my employer told me July 6 that he’d be taking a week off so I would get it too.

It’s always weird to be back in a place I know so well but where I know only a few of the people around. Most of the kids I had as campers are now either in their last years as teen campers (I was at Teen 1) or are now counselors themselves. I recognized names and some faces, but don’t know any of them anymore. It’s just a weird feeling.

Anyhow, I worked security, which was a new job for me. Mostly, I hung around the girl’s area during free times, making sure that everything going on back there was legit. I spent lots of time walking on the stones and sitting on my end. It was ok and I liked being in a position to interact with the campers. But working by oneself (as I do all the time!) can get a bit lonely and it was nice to jump in and lend a hand in the kitchen every now and then. It was a good week, but I’m thinking next time, I’ll stick with dining room or kitchen.

                                                  My view for most of the day

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