It’s back-to-school savings time!

Why am I happy about back-to-school? I mean, I don’t go to school. True, I get to have 1 less child to care for all day.  But, in all reality, having him in school makes my job a bit harder as the 4-year-old gets bored. No, I’m not smiling due to that–I’m smiling for the sales! Now is an excellent time to be thinking about what you’ll need to fill up shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Deals are abundant and the sales to be found can help you spend less and, therefore, be able to fill more boxes.


Here’s how I did in my shopping trip today:

At Staples, I got paid to shop (kinda)! Although, I did use $11.70 in Rewards (meaning I had previously spent that amt. on something). But, I’m still getting $4.28 back in rebates over what I spent OOP (out-of-pocket) today.

Using my Rewards, I paid $7.20 today and will get $11.48 back in rebates

So, in total, I’ll have spent $7.42 on what is pictured above and a 20-pack of Duracell batteries (previously purchased, earning their full price back in Rewards). Not a bad deal, if you ask me.


At Walmart today, I price-matched for the first time. Though the official policy states that you no longer need to bring the ad, I printed off the page I needed and took it with me. Kroger had 24 ct. Crayola crayons for $0.25, but I needed to go to Walmart for some other things. It worked beautifully and I’ll definitely consider price-matching again. (Btw–Walmart’s price was $0.40, so I paid $0.15 less by price-matching).


Coming up this week:

At Staples:    8 pack of pencils fo $0.1 (Sun-Wed. only)
                         Pentel RSVP pens, 5 pack–Free after rebate

At Meijer: Good prices on Crayola products (the crayons are $0.40 there too) and plastic pencil boxes for $0.89. Papermate pen packs (10 ct, I believe) are 2/$1 and pencils are available for $0.49/10 pack.

Happy shopping!

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