Update: 2 weeks being wheat-free

It’s been 2 weeks since going wheat-free and I’ve already been noticing a difference. Now, when I’m hungry, I’m just hungry. I haven’t gotten shaky once since going off wheat! In addition, I have more energy, which is great for keeping up with 3 energetic boys. And I really haven’t craved breads, pastries, or sugar. I mean, I’ve wanted to eat bread, but it was more of an in-my-head-craving than an actual craving. And, with the exception of a bit of gravy at a wedding (I didn’t think about it!), I have not slipped up.


I’ve made it through some out-of-normal events including a wedding and a trip up to Cleveland. I’ll admit that it was harder to stay off the sugar when at Mom’s house, simply because things were available. But the wheat has not really been an issue. I am very thankful and know that it is not in my own power, but God’s. As far as the reason for going wheat-free, it’s internal so I have no idea if there’s any difference yet or not.


Probably the biggest difference for me is having to think about what I’m going to eat on a daily basis. I’m cooking more often and my fridge has more food in it than it ever has! My old style of cooking Hamburger Helper and freezing it won’t work anymore and I’d love suggestions for wheat-free meals I can pre-cook and freeze for when I’m in a hurry. Can you freeze mashed potatoes? Just wondering.


2 thoughts on “Update: 2 weeks being wheat-free

  1. my sister-in-law froze a really yummy Shepherd’s Pie for us that turned out really well when we ate it, but I always thought as a rule that potatoes don’t freeze well. So I suppose single serving Shepherd’s pies would work well! You can always use corn starch in place of flour if it needs a thickener at all.

    Also, if you like corn tortillas (and can still have dairy) there are many good meals to make that way! You can cook up a bunch of beef or chicken with taco or fajita seasonings and freeze them in portion sizes, then thaw them as needed. Keep some corn tortillas (they keep forever in the fridge!), tomatoes, sour cream, cilantro, salsa, cheese etc on hand for easy and healthy meals. Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa on them are great in corn tortillas too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Another option would be to make a hearty chicken and brown rice soup, with lots of veggies (including starchy ones like corn and carrots to make it satisfying). Freeze this in single servings and keep flavourful cheeses on hand like parmesean and sharp cheddar to sprinkle on top.

    If you aren’t familiar with making some of that stuff, come over to my house and we’ll make it together!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just don’t use the email address that I supply here… I never check it.

    I’m happy to hear of your good results!

    • Thanks for the good ideas Heather! I have been doing the taco meat already and it works well. Thankfully, wheat and sugar are the only things to avoid, so dairy is good. I’m finding that I don’t really like corn tortillas, but I’ll have to try them with the eggs. I hadn’t thought of freezing soup. Thanks!

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