Learning to like corn tortillas

As of 11:30am yesterday, I’m now on a wheat-free and (supposedly) sugar-free diet. Before you worry, this is due to some health issues I’ve had for quite a while, not something new. I have not been diagnosed with a wheat allergy or intolerance or any such thing. But, Lord willing, eating this way will greatly improve my overall health as well as a few specific issues.


 Though I cut back drastically even yesterday (including staying wheat-free at a BBQ), today has been my first day of being truly wheat-free. I donated 2 re-usable shopping bags fulls of wheat-filled food to my chapel’s food pantry and then hit the grocery store.


You know, it just doesn’t seem fair to charge 6 times as much for gluten-free pasta as regular whole-wheat pasta! Though I knew these products would be expensive, it still caused my jar to drop. I think some other customers in the aisle thought I was having some sort of emotional breakdown, by my reaction. I know I”ll be checking out my various store options in the next few weeks, checking prices and tasting all sorts of new foods.


Actually, I have already discovered that going sugar-free is much harder than wheat/gluten-free. Sugar’s in practically everything! Spaghetti sauce, Chex cereal, and gluten-free baking mixes all have sugar. And I’m not supposed to substitute Splenda or Truvia in my own baking (once I find and settle on a wheat-free flour). So…my enjoyable activity of baking just became something I do for others’ consumption, not my own. Which is okay; I’ve always enjoyed baking for others. And I have lots of mixes to use up or give away. Local friends, be prepared to eat!


Tonight, for dinner, I had a cheese quesadilla made on 2 of my newly-purchased corn tortillas. Not bad, but definitely an adjustment from flour tortillas. It helped to add on sour cream and salsa (yeah for both being sugar-free!)  But…I’ll learn to like it. I have to. It’s really not a choice. And by taking this attitude, with the Lord’s help, I know I can do this.

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