OCC shopping at Walgreens

So I had $7 in Register Rewards (RR’s) to use at Walgreens by today. And, unfortunately, there were absolutely no good deals for earning new RR’s with purchases. Therefore, I had $7 to use on whatever.

I was planning on getting a personal item or two, but came across the clearance shelf. I found several items for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, including $14 sunglasses marked down to $3! I also loved finding good pens for $0.50 and stuffed animals for $1.49.

Sorry the picture is so dark. Oh well.

I got everything pictured for $5. 60 OOP (Out-Of-Pocket)! The receipt says I saved $17.48 (that includes my $7 RR’s), but I know it was more than that as the sunglasses were originally $14 each.

I’m starting this coming week with no RR’s to roll, but that’s okay. There’s a great deal on Dove Men+Care bar soap, providing I get the coupons I’m supposed to. If you get 3 coupons for the soap (buying 3 papers or getting from friends), you’ll be able to buy 3 6-packs for $6 and get that back in RR’s, making it free!

Where did I learn this? At Clip with Purpose, a blog dedicated to helping you get supplies for OCC shoeboxes cheaply! Jessica does a great job over there–you should totally check it out.

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