Vacation: Quebec City

Recently, I took my first true vacation (2 whole weeks!) in about 3 years. I mean, I’ve had time off. And I’ve gone places (Camp Li-Lo-Li, mom’s house), but I hadn’t taken a stay-at-a-hotel, drive-a-long-ways trip since Feb. 2008. So it was about time.

Mom and I went to Quebec City for 4 days, sort of enroute to my cousin’s graduation in NH. The weather was fairly cooperative and definitely not hot. In fact, one day, we were wishing for winter coats! Old Quebec City was by far my favorite part as it definitely has a big European feel and reminded me of the towns in England (except for the whole speaking French thing). This was the first time I was in a place where English was not the primary language and it gave me a much great appreciation for those who move here or elsewhere without really knowing the language of the new area.

Alright, it’s picture time:

I just loved all the tulips! Ours all died over a month ago and they're my favorite flower.

These falls are taller than Niagra!

The botanical garden at Laval University--absolutely beautiful!

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