“My” boys: an update

As children grow so fast (especially babies!), I thought I’d share some recent photos of the boys I care for with you. And yes, I do know just how adorable they are!

I had to go back a month to find anything decent of B! That’s what happens since he’s in school all day–I hardly get any pictures of him. Oh well.

And one more of the (usually) happy baby. Now with 5 teeth! And #6 almost in.

I continue to greatly enjoy working with these precious ones. Every now and then I still get struck with the thought, “I can’t believe I actually have the immense responsibility of helping to raise someone’s children.” It’s over-whelming at times, you know?

Our routine is soon to be disrupted as summer is quickly approaching. B has just 4 more weeks of school. Then, they’re gone for 2 weeks and after that, we jump into various summer camps and trying to keep E on some sort of schedule! It’s going to be crazy as things will be different most every week. But I know we’ll have fun and I’ll feel a bit sad when B goes back to school and T enters Pre-K (just 2 mornings a week though).

One thing I”m hoping for: that E’s tantrum phrase will be short-lived. He’s been having full-blown tantrums most every day (usually involving his inclination to constantly eat and my inclination to tell him he’s fine, especially if he just got out of the highchair). Though I’ve certainly dealt with tantrums before, it’s still exasperating!

Anyone have ideas for easy, packable lunches? The boys don’t care for lunch meats, so those are out. And, ideally, it would include mostly things the baby can eat. This winter we stuck with a mere 3 lunch options, except for very rarely we did something different: PBJ, chicken nuggets, or ravioli. I’m sick of it all! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

One thought on ““My” boys: an update

  1. Lunches: I let my kids have their pb and j that they’d love to eat every day, and I usually pack myself something else (slimfast or luna bar, fruit, etc). 🙂 Temper tantrums – I’d work hard to nip that in the bud – they sure get old fast. Our 19-month old gets put in a pack and play every time he throws one.

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