Walgreens haul

I went to Walgreens today and made out wonderfully.

There are 15 mini-calendars which were on clearance for $0.25! My mom uses the pictures to make 1-page calendars which are used as outreach tools by missionaries in several countries. So those all go to her (all but 1 which I’m going to use to make a book for the baby I care for).

I had coupons for the toothpaste and the pads, which also both produced Register Rewards. I used $8 in RR’s from last week, paying $5.65 out-of-pocket. I got $5 back in RR’s, so it’s like I paid only $0.65!

The toothpaste is being added to my stash of items to use in filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I’ve actually begun filling boxes already and have 3 that are ready to go! I think I need to find somewhere besides my apartment to store them as I really don’t have the space. Hmmm..perhaps a closet at church?


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