I just realized I haven’t written for a while. Not my intention, but oh well.

Work has been going beautifully. I adore the boys and it’s exciting to watch all the constant change taking place (especially the baby). Last week was Spring Break and I was a bit anxious about having all 3 again, but I feel silly now. I totally forgot that it’s actually easier to have B home because T then has a playmate! I was actually able to play with E.

Kid’s Club has been great and we’ve gained a few new kids, which is nice. I love that I have not had to teach at all this year, because I feel very unsure as a Sunday school-type teacher. I’ve found that I’m a great story- reader, but not such a good story-teller. We’re starting to wind down and will break for the summer at the end of May.

I’ve decided to become a part of the Operation Christmas Child year-round team. Each area has their own team of year-round volunteers, and I’ve applied to be the prayer coordinator. For the large area the Cincy team covers, the team is currently very small. I’m hoping to help build up the team and bring in some new faces. I’m very excited to get more involved in this wonderful ministry. Along with that info, I found a great blog which keeps track of deals for items which can be used in your shoeboxes. Check out Jessica’s blog at: Clip with Purpose.  I’m helping her by tracking Meijer deals.

Spring is arriving and the weather is getting warmer. I truly hope we get a decent-length spring before we hit summer temperatures though!

Not too much else going on.

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