Update: Goals for 2011

Of course, most of my goals are on-going, so I can’t really cross any out. But I’m crossing out the ones I have achieved/maintained since January and on the next update I’ll cross out the ones maintained since today. Okay–here’s how I’m doing my 2011 Goals:

1. Read more:  I am definitely reading more. I need to focus a bit more on some non-fiction, but at least I’m reading!

2.  Save up to 4 months of living expenses in an emergency fund. Done!! New goal: 6 months worth.

3. Get 8 hours of sleep, maintaining same times to bed and rise: I was doing very well with this, but it’s slipped a bit in the last month on my days off. I need to get back on track. I am getting at least 8 hours of sleep though.

4. Guest-presentable apartment: Definitely not achieved.

5. Be more intentional in friendships: I’ve been better about calling some friends and getting together. Would like to start note-writing.

6. Eat healthier: I’m eating less, but not really healthier.

7. Read through NT: haven’t started this one yet.

So, I obviously have more work to do and will not achieve goals 4 and 6 by the end of this week. Oh well. New goal: April 1!

2 thoughts on “Update: Goals for 2011

  1. For healthier eating, I’d totally recommend weight watchers – their new program forces me to eat so much healthier than their old program did. 🙂

    • Thanks Becki! I actually re-joined WW (I’ve done it before) about 1 month ago. My biggest problem is actually sticking with it, but I’ve been doing ok so far.

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