Snow day!

Well, not for me really (though I did get to leave work quite a bit early). Today we had the familiar prediction (it happened last week too) of snow starting in the morning, getting heavier throughout the afternoon, leading to a miserable evening commute. So, here in Cincy, this usually means that schools close. When I first moved here, that seemed crazy to me. But I’ve learned that, due to the amount of plows and the type of snow we get (much wetter and therefore slicker than NY), it actually makes sense not to risk buses on a snowy afternoon.

I had a low-key day with all 3 boys (baby isn’t feeling so well I think. He wasn’t sad, just mellow and sleepy). After doing some schoolwork (I’m essentially home-schooling the 3 yr old, and the 1st grader does extra work to keep him on his toes), the older boys got to watch a movie while the baby slept. So…it was like having a break and I got to read for a while!

Just about 1:30 the snow started falling heavily. I got to leave at 2:15, and got home just as things got pretty nasty. I took a few pictures of my car, starting 30 min. after I got home and then every 30 min. They give some idea of how fast the snow was falling at one point.

When I parked, the car was perfectly clear of snow. This is 30 min. later.

To those in more northern climates, this (over almost 2 hours) seems ridiculously slow. But for here, it was very heavy snowfall. Tomorrow’s commute could get interesting as things ice over tonight.

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