Sleep-in days

Today, the oldest boy I care for, B, had no school due to the weather. It was a bit of an odd day because their mom came come around 10:15 due to illness (so we had to be quieter) and dad didn’t have much work and so was coming home around 1 (short day for me!).

Anyhow, after their dad got home, while we waited for the pizza to bake, we were playing with Play-doh at the table. B (5) turns to me and says, “tomorrow’s a sleep-in day for you” (I don’t work Wed.) I looked at him and replied, “You know. I don’t really sleep-in very much. It’s a lot easier for me to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even if I don’t have work.” He made a very strange face at this. I followed-up, “It’s something that happens as you get older.” From the next room, I heard a loud snort as his dad overheard what I said.

Then T (3) adds in his two cents (without looking up from his Play-doh), “Ummm, Miss Karen? I gotta tell you this, you’re not very old. Not like Grandpa.” I’m sure his grandpa would really appreciate hearing that he’s “very old!”  From the mouths of children, eh?

The most amazing thing for me about this conversation was being able to truthfully say that I rarely sleep-in. Less than one year ago, this would not have been the case. I do feel so much better when I stick to a bedtime and wake-time. It has made a big difference in both how I feel and what I get done during my days off. Hopefully, I can stick with it!

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