“My” boys

I post pictures of the boys I work with all the time, just not on this blog. I have a private blog set up in order to share pictures with their family. It’s fun to have an excuse to take pictures and their family members (some of whom are in Europe) have expressed their appreciation of it. Anyhow, I’ve taken lots of pictures and I’d like to share a few with you!

I am a nanny for 3 adorable boys: B (almost 6), T (almost 4), and E (7 months). I started in July and truly love this job. Usually, now is about the time I think about switching, but those thoughts have not even begun to enter my mind.

About the boys:

B is in 1st grade (yep–he’s gifted) and loves all things dramatic. He enjoys playing monsters or vampire family, card games, and making paper toys to use in our games. He’s a bit emotional, but extremely caring towards others.

T is also super-smart and is reading many words and writing “cards” all the time. He enjoys playing with action figures and going to storytime at the library. He’s the trouble-maker of the bunch! But he’s also very loving and the best big brother E could ask for.

E is a happy baby. He is growing and learning so fast! He sits up on his own and is able to turn around, reach for things then sit back up, and talks a lot. He’s learning a bit of sign language and thinks his big brothers are hilarious!

B loves to pose for the camera

T's mischief-filled smile says it all!

E smiles a lot!

Look at those adorable baby fingers! (and ignore the drool spots)

Playing all together

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful work with you!

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