My weekend to-do list

YEAH Me!! I finished it all!

After wasting away my 4 days-off last week (Wed, Fri-Sun), I’m determined to get things done this weekend. Here’s my list:

1. Target/Meijer

2. Blog about the boys (over on the blog I have set up for their family–it’s private)

3. Cook and freeze 5-8 meals

4. Return items via UPS store

5. Change sheets/towels

6. Pick-up at end of bed

7. Bake muffins

8. Dishes

9. More dishes

10. Read some “Huck Finn”

11. Take out trash

12. Write thank-yous

13. And more dishes!

Okay…I think that’s it. It may not be the most ambitious, but it’s good for me!

Update: I think it’s important to add that, though this list may seem small, I’m also babysitting tonight, and have church tomorrow, followed by Flip-Flop practice (got cancelled). So…my time at home is cut down a bit.

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