Goals for 2011

Okay. I don’t set resolutions. Why? Because as soon as I resolve to do something, I decide I don’t want to anymore! However, goals are probably important (people say they are at least) so I thought writing some down might be helpful for accountability.

1. Continue to read more often (see 2011 Reading List).

2. Save up to 4 months of living expenses in emergency fund (not easy to do on my income).

3. Get 8 hours of sleep (or at least in-bed time) every night, along with maintaining a consistent schedule (10:30pm-6:30am) with only up to a 1 hour variation.

4. Organize and maintain a clean kitchen, bathroom, and living area (I’ll let the bedroom slide) to a company-presentable level. (This is a huge one for me–it often looks like a college-aged dude lives here!)

5. Be more intentional in my friendships (sending handwritten notes, phone calls, emails, scheduling time together, etc.).

6. And now for the most tricky one (for me at least)! Eat healthier: at least 4 fruits and veggies a day (that will be a big improvement for me).

7. Read through the New Testament. I’d love to read through the whole Bible in a year, but I know me. So I’ll start small. If I finish, I’ll just keep going (or go back as the case may be!).

7 is the number of perfection right? So I’ll stop here.

My short-term goal is to have numbers 4 and 6 completed and in place fully by the end of February (yep giving myself lots of time!). The others will be throughout the year of course.

Alright–here goes nothing!


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