Show us your life–bathrooms

So I thought I’d throw my hat in over at Kelly’s Korner. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, so have only 1 small bathroom to decorate and clean. Let me also say that I did not clean up a thing to take these pics. I hopped onto Kelly’s blog, saw the theme, and grabbed my camera. So, without further ado, here is my bathroom.

I got my set from the now-defunct Linens 'n Things. I had to do my best to find semi-matching carpets from elsewhere


When space is limited, look to the door!

More door storage..and a place for magazines!

The blue and green theme is continued in my bedroom which sports a blue and green striped comforter. I have some Hawaii pictures I’ve been meaning to frame and put up above the shower, but haven’t done that one yet. Maybe soon?

I actually had a really hard time getting pics because of the small space! I can’t believe I’m actually posting pictures of my bathroom without cleaning first. Oh well! Thanks for stopping in.

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