I’ve been thinking recently of endings. Ending jobs (no, not mine). Ending activities. Ending relationships. Ending seasons. Ending bad habits. Ending excuses. Ending busyness. Ending daylight savings time. (Okay, just kidding, I really haven’t been contemplating DST ending at all!).

I really don’t know why I’ve been thinking on these things. I’m not even considering any sort of big changes in my life right now. I’m perfectly, joyously happy in my job and quite pleased with my life in general. Sure, there are some small things I’d like to end. Staying up too late. Eating un-healthfully. Ending the not-exercising. But, nothing major at all.

Maybe it’s because of the recently-ended lives in my life that I’m thinking on such things. Maybe it’s because I posed the offer to a 9-year-old to end our relationship if she wants to (my Little Sister–and it was due to the feeling I’ve been given recently that she’d rather be doing other things). I can’t put my finger on the why exactly, but it doesn’t really matter.

I guess the point I’d like to make about endings is making sure that the endings in my life are not due to my own human decisions, but are based on God’s desires for my life. I like to do things on my own and make decisions for myself. And God likes that. BUT….He doesn’t like it when I ignore Him or leave Him out of my decision-making process. This includes beginnings as well as endings. And everything in the middle too! So..let’s make sure that in everything we do, we’re doing it in the spirit of trying to please God.

(Sorry if this post seems a bit rambling.)

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