My family continues to get smaller. This month, we said good-bye to my grandma (Dad’s Mom). She’d been ill for quite a while and spiraled downhill following my dad’s passing. It’s sad to see her go, but I’m glad that she’s now where she wanted to be. My uncle is the last one standing in his family. Please pray for him as I know he’s already feeling lonely. We’ve made it clear that he’s welcome into my Mom’s side of the family and do hope he’ll take us up on that.

In other news, my job continues to be a great source of happiness. I truly love working with the 3 boys and it’s wonderful to be such a part of their lives. I always knew that babies change and grow fast, but now that I’ve been experiencing that it amazes me just how quickly this happens! It seems E was just learning to lift his head and now he’s quickly preparing to sit up on his own.

I am once again involved with a local community theater group’s Christmas showchoir. I enjoy participating in this as we perform mainly at nursing homes. It’s great to see the joy and happiness on the faces of the residents as we sing the familiar songs. I’ve also joined up with my church’s puppet ministry team. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing yet, but it’s going to be a ride for sure.

Honestly, this month has been one of great tiredness and yet, inspiration. I have many ideas floating around in my huge head (yep–my head is large, most hats just don’t fit) and it will be interesting to see which ones play out into reality. I remain content though. God has proven Himself faithful in so many ways. I cannot express my thankfulness to Him enough. He is worthy of all my praise!


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