I got to enjoy a wonderful week-and-a-half-long trip to see family in April. This trip took me all the way to northern New Hampshire! It was great seeing family I hadn’t seen in a while and even spending a few hours with friends whom I hadn’t seen in years (and my goodness, kids grow, you know?).

Upon returning home, I found a temporary part-time job working at another child care center. The position is with infants this time, although I’ve been able to do extra hours in with the toddlers. They’d like me to stay on permanently, but frankly the trip is too long and the pay too small. In addition, I really don’t want to work in a center right now. I’m still searching and interviewing for nanny positions.

I really enjoyed my month of free time. I went to the zoo with several different friends (several times!), read books, watched several movies I’ve been wanting to see, and got to do more organizing. It was actually a bit of a bummer going back to work! Though I am VERY thankful for the job God has provided and I’m certainly not trying to sound ungrateful.

Admittedly, I’m sort of hoping that if I don’t have a full-time job by the end of June, that I can hold off until the end of August. Then, I could volunteer the camp circuit this summer! BUT…I know that financially that is not a good plan.

A visit with my doctor ended with her asking me to email her monthly weigh-ins. Without her saying it, I know she’s expecting to see the weight go down. So, I started working out 5 days ago and have so far made 3 out of 5 (I had a migraine one day so I don’t think that should count).

My church had it’s annual picnic this past Saturday. I go to a small church and the picnic is always a good time with fun fellowship. However, this year, I encountered my first big “Awkward Singles Moment (ASM).” One of the elders asked me, in front of several people, when I was going to “lasso” the 1 single guy my age at church! I, who am never speechless, was dumbfounded. I had no idea how to respond at all. Since I’m friends with the guy, I told him about it the following day at church. We both agreed, “That’s M. D. for you!” Hopefully, this will be my only ASM for a while.

That’s about it. I’m needing to work on getting more sleep so….here are some pictures from our wonderful zoo!

Sumatran rhino

Sand cat, I think

Sleepy tigers

April = Tulips at the zoo!

There are other flowers as well

and blossoming trees

and macaques

Sadly, by the end of April, the flowers are dying off. But they'll be back next year!


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