It’s been a while

After being pretty good in February, I haven’t posted for a while. Things at work were stressful and well…the result is that I have been out of work for a week now. It’s okay though. God is fully in control and I know that He has something better out there for me.

So, my life is currently filled with looking for work and interviewing. I’m about to take a break and travel a bit to see family. This will include a 12 hour drive from Cleveland to northern New Hampshire. Crazy, I know. Ah well.

I love spring. I love the low 70’s and the bright blue sky and all the pretty flowers. Everything is fresh and new and it’s the perfect time to be looking to start a new “life.” I just love that God gives us second chances and the opportunity to start anew, even if it isn’t what we in our infinite human wisdom (insert sarcasm) might have thought was best. It’s okay though. It’ll all be okay.


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