Show us your life: A typical day

Welcome Kelly’s Korner readers! I don’t usually participate, but thought this was a fun one. I’m single and 27, living in a good-sized city. I work as a toddler (18 months-3 years) teacher for a corporate child care center. Though no day is exactly the same, I thought I’d include what I do at work (rather than just “8:45-5:45=work”). For your info, I work with a co-teacher and usually 10 toddlers in the room.

6:50   The last, final, “GET OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW” alarm goes off. Get up, breakfast, pack lunch, get ready for work.

8:15 Drive to work

8:45 Start in the classroom. Diapers (if not already done by co-teacher) come first, followed by free play (sometimes art, messy activities)

9:40 Morning snack with kiddos, then circle time (where we sing, read books, talk about life)

10:20 More free play, art, messy stuff (sand, water, oatmeal play)

10:45 Diapers! If weather is nice, we get to go outside. If not, I’m stuck in with active toddlers and we usually do some dancing/exercising.

11:30 Lunch, diapers, and then…ahhh! Naptime (and teachers’ breaks)

3:15 Back from break, kiddos awake. Diapers, snack

3:45  Group time (maybe) or free play, then co-teacher leaves me at 4:30 and we (hopefully) go outside or to a large muscle area inside to play.

5:45 I go home!

6:20 (often closer to 7:00 due to a store or library trip ) Turn on computer, turn on tv (usually Gilmore Girls on dvd), throw in laundry, cook dinner (often grilled cheese, eggs, or something I previously cooked and then froze), check email, blog, dishes, shower, cook for later on in the week, etc.

9:00ish Catch a show on, maybe read

10:00 Get ready for bed

10:30-11:00 Sometime in here (hopefully closer to 10:30) I go to bed

On Wednesdays, I have kid’s club at church, so I don’t get home till 9:30ish. I also do community theater at times and so may not get home until 10:30 2 or 3 nights a week.

My days are busy and active, but it just means I sleep well!

Thanks for visiting me on my typical weekday!

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