Cleaning out

Today I get a snow day. I love snow days because they are an opportunity to take a surprise break! I had a plan for the day, and now it all gets to change and I get to slow down, relax a bit, and do more in my home. Plus, the snow is pretty and I get to stay home and safe off the roads.

My fast-becoming-dear friend Rebecca has been helping me to clean out my apartment. I’ve always been a packrat, always. My room as a child constantly looked as though a tornado had swept through and I always had too much stuff and not enough storage space. My mom actually gave up having me clean and just told me to keep the door closed (okay, well the allergist did to in order to keep the cats out)!

In college, it was much better, but after college and having moved from NY to OH, things pretty much stayed the same. I had always told myself that I just needed a new space to start “fresh” and then I’d be clean and organized. Well….that didn’t happen when I moved at all. The problem with having too much stuff is that, even when you move, you still have too much. There’s probably 3 carloads worth of stuff still at my parent’s; after almost 3 years!

So, after watching Clean House, I got scared straight. I knew it was time to change. I asked my friend at church to help and she recommended her sister (who I knew, but not well as she was at college). Well, Rebecca has been a gift from God. She makes me think about most everything that I choose to keep, questioning my need of it and encouraging me to donate it instead. We have just about finished the bedroom and made significant headway in the living room. We started Jan. 2, but it’s gonna take a while. Thankfully, she’s in it for the haul and so am I.

It’s freeing, really, to be rid of so much stuff. My bedroom looks practically empty, but the reality is it’s now how it should be; I can walk around without tripping on things. I can put things away when I’m done because they now have an appropriate, designated space. Do I wish I didn’t have to go through this? You bet! I wish I didn’t have to watch myself either give away or throw away hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but with God’s help (and Rebecca’s), I ‘m learning it.

So, for this surprise snow day…I’ll be continuing to clean!


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