Me and my blog…

…have an on-off relationship! Obviously, I’ve been off for quite a while. The whole Eating from the Pantry thing went far downhill after the first week and I was too embarassed to write. Then, the holiday season hit along with a bout of mild depression (don’t worry all is good now!).

Anyhow, life is back to normal, kinda. Do I really have a normal? I don’t think that I do. I have a friend who has been helping me to clean out my apartment. I’ve been living with waaaay too much junk and stuff and finally have had enough of it. I’m making a change and thrilled about it. It’s amazing how much can get done in just 3 days of cleaning. We have a lot more to go though.

I’m gearing up for March when I plan on auditioning for two shows. I’ll only do one, but I want to see what roles I get offered before I decide which show to do.

That’s about it. I have more I could write, but don’t feel like it right now. Maybe later.

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