These aren’t your normal, everyday kittens. I went to the zoo today and got to see fishing cat kittens and eurasian lynx kittens. So very adorable! The lynx babies are actually about 9 months old, so not so kitten-ish anymore. But, they’re still cute. And all the cats were awake as it was feeding time. Well, all but that stubborn clouded leopard that obviously sticks to a strict nocturnal lifestyle (it’s sleeping every single time I’m there). It was a perfect day for the zoo as it certainly wasn’t hot, but a light fleece was all that was needed to keep warm. Great for walking all those hills. I really need to remember to take my camera next time I go to the zoo. Though, the mama fishing cat was clearly nervous/mad so I probably wouldn’t’ve (hmmm…new word?) dared to take flash pictures. Gotta keep mama happy.

That’s all, just had to share!

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