Life and such

Well, the new job has been going well. I really don’t like the longer days though (9 hours at work vs. 7.5)–I keep wondering where my day has gone! But, the kids are cute and have taken to me well. Co-workers are nice and we have really comfy chairs in the break room (perfect for napping).

Kid’s club at my church started up again 2 weeks ago and this year, I’m in charge. It’s not really a position I wanted, but it’s easy and low-key and somone needed to coordinate things.

I’m really looking forward to entering autumn. I just love the scent of fallen leaves and the crunch under my feet. I love an excuse to bake with pumpkin and apples and wear fleece jackets. Not to mention, cooler weather (actually this whole summer’s been fairly cool). I’m so thankful that God chose to make 4 seasons and that I live in an area where I get to enjoy (sometimes hate) them all!

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