Teen One 2009

Below are some pictures from Camp Li-Lo-Li. For protection purposes, I’m not included any photos of the children I worked with, but trust me, they were a cute handful!




My living quarters for the week. Bunny Camp..equipped with an oven, fridge, microwave, washer, and dryer! And 15 kids.


The Lodge–where we all eat.


The store, where one can buy candy, ice cream, and Camp stuff (shirts, mugs, tote bags, etc.)


The Corral…self-explanatory, I think.


Our “waterfront.” We used to swim in it, but New York health insisted we build a pool several years ago. Now, there’s canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats, along with fishing and a zipline.


The caboose and, in the corner, the archery range. I used to hold Archery Instructor certification and spent hours at this range (being the one in charge, of course!).


The chapel, with covered wagon out front. They built a new, expanded roof a few years ago and this was my first time seeing it. It’s quite nice, with a bench all along that front railing.


Taken while at the corral, looking towards the main part of camp. We only had one stormy day, and it actually only rained a bit.

I never went back into the cabin area, as I had no need to. I could show more pics, but this is getting pretty long, so we’ll stop.

Thanks for taking my tour of Li-Lo-Li!

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