My favorite vacation (probably)

Over at Kelly’s Korner, there’s a blog hop of fav. vacations! Probably my fav was going to Kauai. Though, to be fair, my trip out west was pretty awesome. But that was pre-digital camera age, so we’ll stick with Kauai! I was there for a week and there was still so much I didn’t get to see. I took a helicopter ride, did a dolphin tour (saw dolphins, humpbacks, and a sea turtle), and attended a luau! SO much fun and I plan to retire there with Kelly.   : )


The beautiful Waimea Canyon. It’s called the Grand Canyon of Hawaii and truly looks very similar.


This was the sunrise my first morning. How beautiful, eh?


I think this is the same beach as right outside Kelly’s hotel!


The pic above is actually from near Honolulu…we spent one day there in order to visit Pearl Harbor and catch some of the bigger sites. Then, it was back to our quiet Kauai!


From the helicopter ride I took. It was hard to get good pictures, but I tried.


Wild chickens roam freely all over the island!


My amazing aunts, who made this trip possible! (ie. they paid for it all). I also got to bring my college roommate along for the fun.

Thanks for seeing some of my highlights!


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