Camp for bunnies?

So, because I’m absolutely crazy, I offered to take on the position of director for the other camp staffs’ children. Basically, the camp I’ve long attended and served at is run by all volunteers. People volunteer for a week at a time (or longer!) during 7 different program weeks. If both parents wish to volunteer (or one works full-time), and their children are too young to be campers, they need somewhere for their children to be.

That’s where “Bunny Camp” comes in. It’s a whole separate program just for the staff’s children. It’s essentially 24-hour child care for a week. Bunny camp has its’ own building, complete with 4 rooms for sleeping, washer and dryer, kitchen (oven, fridge), and a bit of indoor play space. There’s also a large covered screened porch and a small playground. We eat with the rest of the camp in the lodge and have the option of attending chapels. We also get time at the pool and in the store.

But…the majority of the day gets to be filled in by me. Oh, I have plenty of ideas. So many, in fact, that I don’t think we’ll possibly be able to do them all. Things come up and plans change and I’m open to seeing what the kiddos want to do. But I still feel this big responsiblity on my shoulders. I’m excited. And nervous. And things could go wrong. And the kids could fight. And misbehave terribly. Or be angels. And my brain’s working in overload form.


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